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Fourteen FH-1000 Forged Iron Set 2017

SKU: ERN0357

    Fourteen FH-1000 Forged Iron Set 2017

    SKU: ERN0357
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        Product Description

        Fourteen FH-1000 Forged Iron Set

        Fourteen Golf worked with the best golfers in the game to help desing our latest muscle back iron. Workability and performance, combined with a sleek yet innovative appearance, make the FH-1000FG one of the most advanced muscle back irons to hit to the market from the tour.

        FH-1: Reverse Muscle Back Design:

        The Reverse Muscle Back Design allows stability in the club head movement. As seen in the diagram, the upper blade portion is slightly thicker and some weight is distributed on the upper part of the club head as well. These irons allow golfers the ability to hit any type of shot in any situation while gaining overall shot quality without having to worry about distance control.

        FH-2: Adjustment of the CG:

        Recent tour golf ball technologies have led to reduced spin on long shots and higher spin performance for short shots. Long irons need a relatively lower CG, allowing the ball to launch higher and land softer. In comparison, short irons have a relatively higher CG, creating a more aggressive trajectory. These irons are designed to have great compatibility with recent golf ball innovations, so golfers do not have to manipulate their swings in order to achieve their desired results, allowing the clubs to work for them.

        FH-3: CG Distance Matching:

        We closely matched the CG distance with our tour model driver. We did this so that there is a better transition from a driver to an iron, which allows the golfer to swing at the same tempo and also obtain better shot consistency. These irons were strategically made so that tour pros have a better transition from club to club and that they can consistently manage to perform well under any type of situation.


        The new invention finish Electroless Nickel Chrome applied to this FH-1000 FG Re. This new finish has thinner chrome plated and gives the softer feeling.

        • Head: Soft steel (S25C) forged
        • Finish: Electroless nickel chrome plated with a pearl satin finish. Stock Shaft True Temper Dynamic Gold (S300)

        Fourteen FH-1000 Forged Iron Set Product Specs

        Club Loft (??) Lie (??) Club Length
        #3 21 59.5 39
        #4 24 60 38.5
        #5 27 60.5 38
        #6 31 61 37.5
        #7 35 61.5 37
        #8 39 62 36.5
        #9 43 62.5 36
        P 47 63 35.5

        Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.


        ConstructionIron BackMSRP
        ForgedMuscle Back$1,799.99
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