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Golf Training Aid SilkStroke Putting Template

SKU: NAJ0189

    Golf Training Aid SilkStroke Putting Template

    SKU: NAJ0189
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        Product Description

        Golf Training Aid SilkStroke Putting Template


        I would like to demonstrate a unique training aid that will help you become a better Putter. However, before I do, I would like to remind you of five concepts that are vital in understanding how this practice routine will significantly improve your putting skills.


        Concept 1: Every putt must start on a straight line and the putter’s face must be squared to the ball and the selected line.

        Concept 2: “Muscle memory”, the creation of neural pathways, is necessary in order to perform a repeatable motion.

        Concept 3: “Quiet Eye®” is when your gaze is completely focused on a spot near the ball, especially at the time, and beyond the time of impact of the putter with the ball. So whether the putter or the ball move, your eyes must remain on that fixed spot.

        Concept 4: You must have one simple thought in mind, (think mantra e.g. a thousand-one) because any extraneous thoughts will interfere with the putting stroke.

        Concept 5: You must putt with a stable, quiet lower body, meaning not moving your hips or shifting your weight.

        2.The Arc method

        The SilkStroke® Putting aid uses the straight-in-line method, as it is simpler and more reliable. Be sure to choose the style you want in the drop-down when ordering.


        Your objective is to learn to perform a specific movement, a pendulum motion, executed by the large and small muscles of your shoulders, upper and lower back, in a precise and repeatable way.

        You will be making fine adjustments with your shoulders to keep the putter’s face parallel to the vertical lines on the putting grid and to keep the pendulum motion of the putter on a straight line.

        Your goal is to perform a motion described “as smooth as silk”, thus the trades mark SilkStroke®.

        This practice routine should be done 10-15 minutes per session, three to four days per week, in the comfort of your own home.


        1. Place the putting training aid on a level floor.
        2. Select the most comfortable grip. You should use a light grip, on a scale from 1-10, consider a 2-3.
        3. Address the image of the ball on the center of the grid as you would address a real ball. In putting, this address is ¼ to ½ inch behind the ball, because you want the pendulum stroke to reach bottom and then make contact with the ball as it begins to rise on the forward stroke, giving the ball a nice rolling forward motion.
        4. Make sure you match the center of mass of the putter with the center of the ball.
        5. Your stance should be an athletic stance with your knees bent slightly and your feet at shoulder’s width or closer.
        6. Adjust the bend of your knees so that the club’s bottom is slightly above the surface of the grid.
        7. Begin to move the putter’s face by slowly rocking your shoulders up and down smoothly. An important comment about your breathing: if you can, breathe slowly in and out through your nose. Time your breathing close to the tempo of your pendulum stroke, breathing in on the way back and breathing out on the way forward. Do not hold your breath, sigh or take a big breath during putting.
        8. At first, the movement of the putter’s face should be a short distance, from -3 inches to +3 inches. Start at a slow pace so that you can stop the movement of the putter at will at either end of its travel. This will allow you to check if the putter’s face is squared to the perpendicular lines of the grid.
        9. At this time, keep your head still but your eyes can gaze at the putter in order to maintain the putter’s face parallel to the vertical lines on the grid. You need to slightly close the putter’s face on the way back and to open it slightly on the way forward. This will take some practice, but once you get it, it will feel normal.
        10. After you master a -3 to +3 inches excursion, increase the distance to -4 to +4 and then to -5 to +5 inches.
        11. Once you are comfortable with the above movements, you must learn to stop your eyes from gazing at the putter and focus your eyes on a small dot printed on the mat behind the ball; remember this is what “Quiet eyes® is all about.
        12. Practice with a tempo that is comfortable for you, and proceed to master the full length of the training aid with confidence.
        13. The length of the back and forward strokes should be the same, but never shorter on the forward motion. For example a -3 to +3 or -3 to +4, are acceptable, but never a -3 to +2!
        14. How far the ball travels should be determined by the length of the pendulum stroke only and not by a change in pace.



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