Golf Training Aid SNAGazoo Boys

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Golf Training Aid SNAGazoo Boys

The SNAGazoo is definitely a fan’s favourite. This training tool is used during Pitching. It is designed to position your hands in the correct place during your back swing. In the SNAG teaching system we use letters, colours and numbers. The SNAGazoo helps to set the angle between your arms and hands to create the ‘L’ position.

When using the SNAGazoo the objective is to make the ‘Zoo’ noise. Yes… you have seen that correctly. The cylinder of the SNAGazoo holds a barrel that provides auditory feedback by sliding down the cylinder when in the correct position. For example if the students swing is too flat (regular issue with new starters) the SNAGazoo doesn’t ‘Zoo’.Also if the swing is to fast and the correct position is not set no noise is made.

As you can imagine this make the SNAGazoo very popular with children and adults (big children). It is designed with the normal SNAG grip (Left on Yellow, Right on Red) to maintain consistency when practising technique.

The SNAGazoo is a key element of the SNAG teaching system and is included in all of our teaching kits, it can also be purchased as an individual item.



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