Golf Training Aid Striker 3000

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Golf Training Aid Striker 3000

This product helps players monitor ball position, swing path, and angle of attack. The premise is simple - hit the ball without hitting the board.

A common swing pattern for beginning and mid-level players is to swing outside-in where the hands move away from the body and the clubface arrives at the ball prior to the hands. With the Striker 3000 the player will be able to see his or her swing path and works on pinpointing the bottom of the swing arc. If the player shallows out too early and tries to scoop the ball then they will hit the board.

Aside from being portable, the Striker 3000 is very unobtrusive when using it on the range and is not visually distracting. It is made of unbreakable polycarbonate Lexan and is even quite useful for putting where the setup and strokepath can be monitored. It also makes visualizing and committing to the aimline on breaking putts easier.

Ball Striking

What separates the high handicap golfers from the low handicap golfers? Better ball striking! Great ball-strikers hit the ball with a descending blow, ensuring consistent club-to-ball contact, thus achieving more consistency in the flight of the golf ball. The Striker 3000 allows you to track your progress as you work your way towards pure contact.

The Idea is Simple

Hit the ball, then take a divot. The best players hit the ball before the club hits the ground. When you use the Striker 3000, you’ll be reminded of that every time you take a swing and you WILL get better.

  • Gain distance
  • More consistent contact
  • Increase your Greens in Regulation
Chipping and Pitching

In order to control your shots around the green you need to be able to make solid contact with the golf ball. Better contact = more predictable results. The Striker 3000 will help you to achieve better contact around the greens so your shots end up closer to the hole.

  • Better contact
  • More control
  • Increase confidence