HONMA 65th Anniversary Sakura Dance Limited Edition Full Set 2022 Women

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HONMA 65th Anniversary Sakura Dance Limited Edition Full Set Women

Honma 65th Anniversary

A fusion model of Honma's traditional design and new technology, it contains the soul of Takumi in Sakata for 65 years. The club that integrally developed the head and shaft of HONMA realizes high flight distance performance and high directional stability. The special cherry blossom design makes you feel happy.

Sakura Dance - 65th Model Driver Technology
CG Location

CG location calculated for easy to swing and easy flight distance with high trajectory (low & deep CG)

  • Body : Lightweight Ti-811 (Titanium casting)
  • Face : FS2S (Titanium rolling)
  • Structure : Face Opening
Face Design

The specially designed "face + lip structure" increases the deflection when hitting the ball, changes the deflection back to an effective repulsive force, and realizes a great flight distance.

Crown Structure

Lightweight and thin crown produces excess weight. While increasing the degree of freedom in design, the ribs are arranged so that the crown can be flexed optimally by stress simulation.

Sakura Dance - 65th Model FW/UT Technology
CG Design

Optimal CG design for ideal shot CG flow design with different thichness by head model. The CG location optimized for each head model is designed increase the flight distance increase the flight distance with high trajectory and low spin.

  • Body : SUS630 (Stainless casting)
  • Face : High strength custom steel
  • Structure : Face Opening
FW Crown Structure

The FW crown has the same rib structure as DR and changes the crown deflection at the time of ball hit to high launch.

UT Crown Structure

The thin part of the UT crown is uniform in thickness, does not bend too much, and emphasizes controllability and a responsive feel.

Sakura Dance - 65th Model IRON/PUTTER Technology

Special cosmetics that impress you as a JAPAN brand are applied to create and elegant and special feeling. The performance provided in it realizes the maximum flight distance and forgiveness in the enjoy golf category.

Original Face "ES235"
  • Long distance with face material with high resilience performance
  • Further expand the repulsion area over a wide area
3D round sole

The 3D round sole makes it possible to reduce the contact area with the ground and reduce the loss of flight distance due to heavy hits. In addition, impact accuracy is improved.

Draw Bias Design

Designed to catch the ball even for golfers with slow swing speeds due to the large offset and strong center of gravity angle

Face Structure

"High - strength material ES235" is used for the face material. Designed to increase the ball speed with a high trajectory due to the thin face thickness of 2.2 mm and the material with high repulsive force.

Face Structure

The contact area between the head and face is reduced to the maximum, and the repulsion area of the face is expanded.

Gift with Purchase Includes
  • Boston Bag (Tote)
  • Unique Plush Mole Driver Headcover with matching FW/UT/Iron Covers
  • Apparel Pack (Size M only) with Top, Skirt, Vest
  • Accessory Pack with Visor, Arm Sleeves, Long Socks, & Pair of Gloves
  • Special Edition Golf Ball Pack (Two Dozen)
  • *USGA Non-conforming, Hi-COR for distance

HONMA 65th Anniversary Sakura Dance Limited Edition Full Set Women Product Specs

Club Loft Lie Offset Length Swing Weight Head Volume
1W 11.5° 60.0 N/A 44.25 C-3 460
3W 16° 60.0 N/A 41.75 C-1 180
5W 19° 60.5 N/A 41.25 C-1 167
22° 22° 60.0 N/A 39.0 C-1 134
#6 27.0 61.5 4.0 36.5 C-O N/A
#7 30.0 62.0 3.5 36.0 C-O N/A
#8 34.0 62.5 3.5 35.5 C-O N/A
#9 38.0 63.0 3.5 35.0 C-O N/A
#10 43.0 63.0 3.0 34.5 C-O N/A
#11 49.0 63.0 3.0 34.0 C1 N/A
#SW 56.0 63.5 2.5 34.0 C1 N/A
Putter 4.0 70.0 N/A 33.0 N/A N/A

Note: this is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.


Specially designed graphite shaft for women. Adopting a lightweight shaft of 35.5g, it is easy to swing and accelerate the head. High torque to take advantage of shaft performance. Shaft that makes it easy to adjust the timing.

ARMRQ-35g Flex Length Tip Butt Weight Torque
LA 1W L 1,105 8.6 15.0 35.5 8.95
LA #51 L 925 9.3 14.3 37.0 5.14
Model Material Weight Size
GR HONMA CN RUBBER 38 WH/GD Rubber 38.0g 59


Driver Head Volume Driver Length Number Of Clubs Bag Number of Driver / Fw / Hybrid / Irons & Wedges / Putter] MSRP
460CC 44.25" 12 Stand Bag 3 Driver / Fairway / 1 Hybrid / 7 Irons & Wedges / 1 Putter $7,800.00
TEL: 1 (909) 771-1111