Mizuno MP-20 HMB Iron Set 2020

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Mizuno MP-20 HMB Iron Set

Layers of feel

Evolved from the DNA of irons that shaped the modern game, launched major winning careers and inspired generations of ‘tour edition’ muscle backs. Exclusively Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan, where Mizuno has refined the art of feel for over 50 years. Once again plated in copper, like Mizuno's legendary TN87 - for an impact sensation recognised as our purest ever. Three irons, each with their own unique appeal, to work alone or blend within a custom set.

"Most modern muscle backs and limited 'tour edition' irons can be traced back to the great Mizuno blades. Though what makes a Mizuno iron truly exceptional is everything you can't see. If you could peel back the chrome plating, you would find a sandwich of nickel and soft copper before the Grain Flow Forged HD chassis. Under a microscope, you can see a perfect flow of grain within the steel from the hosel to toe, compacted tighter in the hitting area. Designers can mimic our lines, but not what's inside."

"As an elite amateur or emerging professional - there's no queue of manufacturers waiting to build you a 'tour only' iron. That's why Mizuno has a history of equipment played at this level. Any Mizuno iron model is 'tour ready' straight from the box. The heads we use on the PGA Tour come from the same boxes we use for club golfers," Jeff Cook, Tour Operations Manager.

A full set of performance hybrid irons – in a sharp ‘tour ready’ profile. Inspired by the proliferation of long iron replacements on tour –the MP20 HMB extends the concept right through to wedge. Built upon the ball speed of Mizuno’s Chromoly Face and Neck, supported by a precision stainless steel body and Tungsten weighting. Layered with soft Copper plating and protective Nickel Chrome for legendary feel and feedback.

Layers of Feel

Grain Flow Forged HD in Hiroshima Japan, plated in soft copper and Nickel Chrome – the original layering from Mizuno’s great TN87 blade.

Muscleback DNA

The proportions, topline and offset transition of a classic Mizuno players muscle back, with generous sole width hidden at address. For consistent ball players pursuing added ball speed – without sacrificing their shot making options.

Mixes with any MP-20 set

Play as a full set, long iron replacement or a mixed set with MP-20 muscle backs or MP-20 MMC. Our recommended breakpoints for blended sets are between 4&5 iron or 7&8 iron.

Complex, loft specific construction

Our multi-thickness Grain Flow Forged Chromoly (2-8 iron face and neck) is dialled in to be consistently hot across the clubface. Twin 12g Tungsten weights (2-7 iron) deliver stability and an easy launch. A softer 1025E Pure select mild carbon steel makes the short irons (9/pw) soft and responsive.

Brush Satin finish

Low glare and durable plated finish.

“A few years back it was a surprise to see truly elite tour players with more than one long iron replacement – but now that we’ve found their acceptance point on offset, size and proportions, there’s a new set who are open-minded to the #5 iron and beyond. We’re excited to see what happens they experiment with the HMB.” Chris Voshall, Golf Brand Manager. Mizuno

Mizuno MP-20 HMB Iron Set Product Specs

Club  Length  Swing Weight  Traditional Loft  Lie Bounce Offset Hand
2 Iron 39.5" D2 18°  59° 0.150 RH
3 Iron 39"  D2 21°  59.5° 0.146 RH
4 Iron  38.5"  D2 24°  60° 0.142 RH
5 Iron  38" D2  27°  60.5° 0.138 RH
6 Iron  37.5" D2  30°  61° 0.134 RH
7 Iron  37" D2  34°  61.5° 0.126  RH
8 Iron  36.5" D3  38°  62° 0.118 RH
9 Iron  36" D3 43°  62.5° 0.110 RH
PW  35.5" D4 46°  63° 0.102 RH

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Construction Iron Back MSRP
Forged Muscle Back $1,399.99