Mizuno Pro 221 Iron Set 2022

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Mizuno Pro 221 Iron Set

When Mizuno sets out to update their legendary muscleback irons, they make changes in small, incremental steps, in order to preserve the time-tested design. The new Pro 221 Iron, which replaces the outgoing MP-20, has evolved to be more playable through refinements in shape and weight placement. Mizuno bevelled the irons to deliver the appearance of a shorter face profile and narrower topline, without eliminating the always-important upper blade mass.

The Pro 221 is Grain Flow Forged in Japan from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, then plated in soft copper and Nickel Chrome, the original layering from Mizuno's iconic TN87 blade. Mizuno returned to the soft copper underlay in 2019 after tour professionals unanimously preffered the feel during testing.

  • One-piece Grain Flow Forged HD from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel at Mizuno's iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan
  • Microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome for the purest, softest feel made famous in the legendary TN87
  • Thicker behind impact with mass relocated from heel area to the muscle pad that produces a slightly muted sound preferred during tour testing
  • Bevelled to deliver a more compact appearance with a thinner top edge and shorter head length without loss of playability
  • Mizuno's shortest CG/shaft axis is consistent from 3-PW allowing for controlled shot shaping through the set
  • Following feedback from the tour, 8-PW are dramatically reduced in size with a heavily tapered upper blade to control trajectory
  • Stock Shaft: Project X LS Steel
  • Stock Grip: Golf Pride Z-Grip Full Cord 60R

Mizuno Pro 221 Iron Set Product Specs

Club Length Swing Weight Loft Lie Bounce Offset
3 39.0" D3 21° 59.5° 0.102mm
4 38.5" D3 24° 60° 0.098mm
5 38.0" D3 27° 60.5° 0.094mm
6 37.5" D3 30° 61° 0.091mm
7 37.0" D3 34° 61.5° 0.087mm
8 36.5" D3 38° 62° 0.083mm
9 36.0" D3 42° 62.5° 0.079mm
PW 35.5" D4 46° 63° 0.075mm

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Construction Iron Back MSRP
Forge Muscle Back $1,499.95
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