MLA Golf Tour Series Putter 2018

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MLA Golf Tour Series Putter


An Engineered precision instrument. By combining a classic look with a front end aiming technology, the Tour Classic gives you a precision tool you could only dream of. The overall weight distribution makes it perfectly balanced and the soft touch gives great distance control. To fully support your different needs the Tour Classic has an interchangeable weight system to benefit from, along with the world leading U.S. patented perceptual alignment technology. Maximize your performance with this 100% full milled precision instrument engineered in Sweden.


For golfers in the hunt for the exceptional. Exceptionally stable, exceptional performance! The Tour XDream pushes everything to its limits. A putter performing at this level will make an impact not only on your game but on your putting as a whole. Perfect weight distribution with all benefits of greater roll and higher MOI including an interchangeable weight system along with the world leading U.S. patented alignment system will make this putter your dearest possession. The Tour Xdream is a 100% CNC FULL MILLED and is worth the test.


A true performance putter. This face balanced putter is the ultimate construction for high MOI. It also creates a higher impact with the contact point of the ball which in turn gets the ball to roll sooner. Improved roll by designing the ideal weight distribution is one of the features. The interchangeable weight system that makes customizations easy to fit the weight of the putter for your special needs is another. But what really makes this 100% CNC FULL MILLED putter special is MLA's U.S. patented perceptual perfect alignment technology. All together the Tour Mallet elevates your putting to the highest level.


MLA Golf Tour Series Putter PRODUCT SPECS

Model Head Weight Loft (°) Lie (°) Length(") Screw options Finish
Classic 384g 2,5 70 34 (standard)/ 32/ 33/ 35/ 36 5g, 10g, 15g (included) Black/Green
XDream 375g 2,5 71 34 (standard)/ 32/ 33/ 35/ 36 5g, 10g, 15g (included) Black/Green
Mallet 360g 2,5 71 34 (standard)/ 32/ 33/ 35/ 36 5g, 10g, 15g (included) Black/Green

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