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Odyssey Golf Clubs & Equipment

About Odyssey

Odyssey has continually produced the leading putters in the game since the early 1990s. In fact, the biggest breakthroughs in putter design – from inserts to alignment devices – have come from our drawing boards. At our core, we are a forward-thinking company and we constantly innovate with ideas and products that build confidence on the green. It’s one thing to read golf history books. It’s quite another to write them.


Precision Milled Feedback and feel

At Odyssey, we’re obsessed with a never-ending pursuit to innovate in insert technology, and our latest path has led us to a deeper exploration of sound and feel. That’s how we’ve come to the Milled Collection RSX, and as the name suggests this line is milled from 1025 carbon steel, with our best-selling #7 shape, a progressive V-Line Fang mallet, and the 001, a new take on our classic #1 shape.

  -  Sound Chamber Technology
  -  Metal-X Insert w/ Stabilizing Crossbar

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