PING i59 Iron Set 2021

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PING i59 Iron Set

Crisp, consistent impact, a solid feel and a flighted trajectory with added forgiveness are the result of an aerospace-grade aluminum insert (AlumiCore™) joined to a forged 1025 carbon steel body and 17-4 stainless steel laser-cut face. To deliver precise, reliable distance and performance across every club, the face is engineered with MicroMax™ grooves.

AlumiCore Technology

An aerospace-grade aluminum insert allows approximately 30 grams of material from the center of the club to be redistributed to the perimeter in the form of toe and shaft tip weights, elevating the MOI to match that of the larger PING i210 iron.

MicroMax Milled Grooves

The precision-machined face has new MicroMax grooves for tighter spacing and a geometry that results in an average of four extra grooves to reduce fliers in the short irons and preserve spin in the long irons.

Tour-Preferred Styling

A thin topline and proper offset presents the clean, streamlined look preferred by skilled players. The hydropearl 2.0 finish repels water to ensure predictable, consistent performance from wet and dry conditions.

Higher MOI

Toe and tip weighting elevate MOI to reduce the stat area and achieve a level of forgiveness unprecedented in a forged design.

100% Inspected Manufacturing Steps

During development of the iron, PING’s innovation and engineering teams spent significant time perfecting the manufacturing process, which includes 100% inspection of numerous steps, including sole shaping, head polishing, face machining and head forging.

Stock Shafts

The low-launching Project X LS (Low Spin), steel shaft offers an ultra-stable, stiff design that minimizes spin with a tight feel to fit the fastest swing speeds. The Recoil ES SmacWrap graphite option provides control and distance, with higher damping for improved feel.


PING i59 Iron Set Product Specs

Club Length LOFT Power Spec Loft Retro Spec Loft Lie Angle Offset Bounce Swingweight
3-iron 39" 20.0° 19.0° 21.8° 59.0° 0.17" 4.0° D1
4-iron 38 1/2" 23.5° 22.0° 25.3° 59.8° 0.15" 5.0° D1
5-iron 38" 27.0° 25.0° 28.8° 60.5° 0.12" 6.0° D1
6-iron 37 1/2" 30.5° 28.5° 32.3° 61.3° 0.10" 7.0° D1
7-iron 37" 34.0° 32.0° 36.0° 62.0° 0.08" 8.0° D1
8-iron 36 1/2" 38.0° 36.0° 40.0° 62.8° 0.06" 9.0° D1
9-iron 36" 42.0° 40.5° 44.0° 63.5° 0.04" 10.5° D1
PW 35 1/2" 46.0° 45.0° 48.0° 64.1° 0.02" 11.5° D2

Note: this is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.


PING offers a variety of shaft flexes in steel and graphite to meet your needs and preferences. Selecting the proper shaft flex for your swing will help you get the most distance and accuracy from every shot. Generally, players with faster swing speeds require stiffer shafts to keep the ball trajectory lower, while players with slower swing speeds will require more-flexible shafts to produce a higher ball trajectory.

The choice of steel or graphite shafts is usually based on preferences for weight and/or feel. Players seeking a lighter overall weight and/or a softer feel in their irons may prefer graphite shafts, while players who prefer a standard-weight club with a firmer feel may prefer steel shafts.

We recommend that you get fit for the shaft that allows you to play your best golf. Whether that’s a softer, lighter shaft with a higher launch or a heavier, stiffer shaft with a lower trajectory, a PING Certified Club Fitter can help you find the shaft that brings consistency to your game.

Project X IO Steel 5.5 Black Standard - Shaft
Project X LS Steel 6 Black Standard - Shaft
Flex Weight Launch Angle
6.0 111.0g Low
6.5 116.0g Low
UST Recoil 780 ES SMAC Graphite Regular Black Standard - Shaft
Flex Weight Launch Angle
F2-A 59.0g High
F3-R 73.0g High
F4-S 78.0g High
PING Alta CB Slate Graphite Regular Black Standard - Shaft
Flex Weight Launch Angle
Soft Regular 65.0g High
Regular 72.0g Mid High
Stiff 82.0g Mid


Construction Iron Back MSRP
Forged Muscle Back $1,999.00
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