PING PLD Milled Custom Putter

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PING PLD Milled Custom Putter


The timeless Anser features a striking matte-black finish, rounded corners and softer ballast surfaces. For slight-arc stroke types, the Anser makes squaring the face to the target line easy and natural.

Anser 2

Differs from the Anser with a slightly longer and narrower profile, and sharper corners, but shares its clean geometries. A center alignment line makes aiming easy. Stable, forgiving and accurate.


This mid-mallet is inspired by multiple-time winner Viktor Hovland, its clean lines with perpendicular and parallel visual cues combine to simplify alignment. A double-bend shaft best matches a straight stroke.

Prime Tyne 4

The distinctive design provides a balanced look at address and ensures stability to make it highly forgiving and accurate. The “flow neck” hosel promotes a strong-arc stroke rotation.

Quality and precision

A solid block of forged, 303 stainless steel requires more than four hours of milling time; precisely shaping every surface and radius to achieve the high quality and premium look expected in a precision-milled putter.

Tour proven

A variety of tour-inspired options ensures a model to fit your stroke and eye. Each design incorporates PING’s proven perimeter-weighting theories to deliver forgiveness and control for more accuracy.

Control and consistency

A precision-milled face pattern, known as deep AMP (Aggressive Milling Pattern), is inspired by tour player feedback and provides the feel and speed control you need to deliver score-lowering consistency on the green.


PING PLD Milled Custom Putter Product Specs

Putter Putter type Standard Length Head Weight Stroke Type Lie Angle Loft
Anser Blade 35" 350g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3­°/-2°
Anser 2 Blade 35" 350g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3­°/-2°
DS72 Mid Mallet 35" 365g Straight 20° ±2° 3° +3­°/-2°
Prime Tyne 4 Mallet 35" 360g Strong Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

PP58 Midsize Blackout - Grip

Standard-sized pistol shape is designed to make it easier to square the face at impact.

PING PLD Milled Custom Putter Shaft

Matte Black Stepless Steel 


Black Chrome Fixed (Non-Adjustable) 


PING PLD Milled Custom Putter Grips

Golf Pride
Model Image
Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour
Golf Pride Tour SNSR Straight
Model Image
Ping Pistol PP59 Black/Copper
Ping Pistol PP59 Garnet
Ping Pistol PP60 Black/Blue
Ping Pistol PP60 Black/Copper
Ping Pistol PP60 White/Red
Ping Pistol PP61 Black/Blue
Ping Pistol PP61 Black/Copper
Ping Pistol PP61 White/Red
Ping Pistol PP62 Black/Blue
Ping Pistol PP62 Black/Silver
Ping Pistol PP62 White/Grey
Ping Pistol PP62 White/Red
Model Image
Superstroke Legacy 2.0 Yellow
Superstroke SS2 Red


Headcover Weight Kit Grip MSRP
Yes No PP58 Midsize Blackout $449.00
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