PING PLD Milled Putter 2023

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PING PLD Milled Putter


The timeless Anser features a striking matte-black finish, rounded corners and softer ballast surfaces. For slight-arc stroke types, the Anser makes squaring the face to the target line easy and natural.

Anser 2

Differs from the Anser with a slightly longer and narrower profile, and sharper corners, but shares its clean geometries. A center alignment line makes aiming easy. Stable, forgiving and accurate.


This mid-mallet is inspired by multiple-time winner Viktor Hovland, its clean lines with perpendicular and parallel visual cues combine to simplify alignment. A double-bend shaft best matches a straight stroke.

Prime Tyne 4

The distinctive design provides a balanced look at address and ensures stability to make it highly forgiving and accurate. The “flow neck” hosel promotes a strong-arc stroke rotation.

Quality and precision

A solid block of forged, 303 stainless steel requires more than four hours of milling time; precisely shaping every surface and radius to achieve the high quality and premium look expected in a precision-milled putter.

Tour proven

A variety of tour-inspired options ensures a model to fit your stroke and eye. Each design incorporates PING’s proven perimeter-weighting theories to deliver forgiveness and control for more accuracy.

Control and consistency

A precision-milled face pattern, known as deep AMP (Aggressive Milling Pattern), is inspired by tour player feedback and provides the feel and speed control you need to deliver score-lowering consistency on the green.


PING PLD Milled Putter Product Specs

Putter Putter type Standard Length Head Weight Stroke Type Lie Angle Loft
Anser Blade 35" 350g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3­°/-2°
Anser 2 Blade 35" 350g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3­°/-2°
DS72 Mid Mallet 35" 365g Straight 20° ±2° 3° +3­°/-2°
Prime Tyne 4 Mallet 35" 360g Strong Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

PP58 Midsize Blackout - Grip

Standard-sized pistol shape is designed to make it easier to square the face at impact.



Headcover Weight Kit Grip MSRP
Yes No PP58 Midsize Blackout $449.00
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