PRGR Super Egg Fairway Wood 2018 Women

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PRGR Women Super Egg Fairway Wood

Gold egg has been finally launched as the high repulsion fairway wood, and high repulsion utility. The new power flange exclusively for Red egg, which is as effective as when the face area is made larger, demonstrates its power both in FW and UT, and achieves high repulsion of over COR 0.84.

The face and the body around it have been made as thin as possible for improved kick velocity. A low CoG has been achieved despite the deep face to allow the ball to be lifted with ease. Launches with high repulsion even from the fairway.

Designed with a large flange angle with the deflection concentrated in the face.

The face and surrounding body have been made as thin as possible to increase the kick velocity.

Increase in the extent and area of deflection on the face. A Brassie (2W) which leverages the power obtained through high repulsion, and offers a leaping flight, has also been launched.

PRGR Women Super Egg Fairway Wood PRODUCT SPECS

Club # Loft angle(°) Volume(cm3) Face angle(°) Lie angle(°) Length(inch) Total weight(g) Balance Shaft Weight (g) Shaft Torque(°)
  M-30 (L) M-30 (L) M-30 (L) M-30 (L) M-30 (L)
3W 16 175 -2 58.5 42 291 C-5 41 6.4
5W 19 165 -2 59 41.5 296 C-5 40 6.4
7W 22 160 -2 59.5 41 299 C-5 39 6.4

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

Lightweight medium butt-like shaft provides improved handle rigidity, and ensures swinging comfort despite being lightweight.



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