Srixon ZX Mk II Fairway Wood 2023

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Srixon ZX Mk II Fairway Wood

Long game versatility is critical. ZX Mk II Fairway Woods carry as much power off the deck as they do off a tee, giving you ball speed and great distance wherever you need it.


Get more power where it counts—at impact. A stronger Rebound Frame design with dual flex zones delivers purer energy transfer from club face through the ball, enhancing distance on every shot. And it’s only available on new ZX Mk II Woods.

REBOUND FRAMEMost Fairway Woods have one flex zone. Rebound Frame has two. Like a spring within a spring, Rebound Frame elevates COR across the face for increased ball speed. And that extra ball speed leads to more distance.

DUAL FLEX ZONESHere’s how it works: Like any modern Wood, the speed of ZX Mk II starts with a flexible face—and our face is especially fast thanks to its advanced Ti51AF Titanium alloy construction. The similarities end there, though, because Rebound Frame adds a second flexible zone, a ring of thin titanium in the body. When these two zones flex simultaneously at impact, then snap back into shape, their compounded energy transfer is far more powerful than single-flex designs.

CROWN STEPA stepped crown lowers the clubhead’s Center of Gravity, ultimately raising launch trajectory for higher, longer shots off the deck, with more forgiveness.

CARBON CROWNThe 3-Wood and 3+-Wood use a strong but lightweight carbon crown instead of a metal crown, maximizing COR and positioning mass low for forgiveness on every shot.

CANNON SOLEA dynamic, floating weight pad moves the weight right where you want it without reducing COR—optimizing launch while also allowing space for improved face flex and ball speed. Especially helpful for shots struck low on the face.

Srixon ZX Mk II Fairway Wood Product Specs

Head Loft Hand Lie Volume Length Swing Weight Club Weight
3+ 13.5° RH 57° 174cc 43" D3 325g
3 15° RH/LH 57° 175cc 43" D2(A), D3(R,S,X) 315g(A), 325g(R,S,X)
5 18° RH/LH 57.5° 162cc 42.5" D2(A), D3(R,S,X) 320g(A), 330g(R,S,X)
7 21° RH 58° 143cc 42" D2(A), D3(R,S) 324g(A), 334g(R,S)

The Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX provides mid trajectory and mid spin for players with aggressive swing tempos. It features a stiff butt and midsection that best suit aggressive tempos, but also contains an active tip section for increased trajectory. Designed in lighter weights and optimized torques, this shaft is ideal for a wide range of mid trajectory players.

Flex Weight Torque Tip Diameter Butt Diameter Launch Spin
X (6.5) 60g 3.5° .335" .640" Mid Mid
S (6.0) 60g 3.5° .335" .640" Mid Mid
R (5.5) 60g 4.5° .335" .640" Mid Mid
A (5.0) 50g 5.9° .335" .640" Mid Mid
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