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Titleist Golf Clubs & Equipment


About Titleist

The Titleist brand started with a vision - and an x-ray. The Titleist success story began one Sunday in 1930, when Phil Young, a dedicated amateur golfer and owner of a precision molded rubber company, missed a well-stroked putt in a match with his friend, who was head of the x-ray department at a local hospital. Convinced that the ball itself was at fault, Young and his opponent went to the hospital, x-rayed the golf ball in question and found that its core was, in fact, off-center. This meticulous attention to detail has lead to the creation of the Pro V1 golf ball which is, quite simply, the most successful piece of golf equipment in the history of the game. Since its introduction, the Pro V1 has been the overwhelming ball of choice on the worldwide professional tours and has been equally successful in the marketplace, offering unmatched distance and short game performance. Little did anybody know when the product was launched in October, 2000 that the Pro V1 golf ball would become one of, if not, the most revolutionary products in golf equipment history.


Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters

The Phantom X line comprises nine modern mallets based on five new, refined and streamlined head shapes featuring low-bend, mid-bend and straight shaft setups, in addition to a variety of flange orientations and improved alignment cues.

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