Titleist SM9 Vokey Brushed Steel Wedge 2023

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Titleist SM9 Vokey Brushed Steel Wedge

  • High and forward center of gravity location offers more consistent, better-feeling shots with more control
  • Center of gravity raised vertically by adding weight to the topline with a tapered pad at the back of the toe
  • Longer hosels help fine-tune CG location and boost forgiveness
  • Six Tour-proven sole grinds are designed to fit every type of swing, turf condition, and shot-making style
  • New Spin Milled cutting process features individually cut grooves and micro-grooves for maximum spin on partial shots
  • 100% inspected spin milled wedges are cut to even tighter tolerances, resulting in even more spin
  • Proprietary heat treatment results in longer-lasting spin throughout the life of the wedge
  • Stock shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 Steel
  • Stock grip: Tour Velvet 360 White
Who It's For

The new Titleist SM9 wedges are made for every golfer to find the right tools for their short game. With their most versatile, accurate, and forgiving design yet, a total of 23 different models with 6 different grinds offer something for every player.

Six Tour-Proven Sole Grinds

Bounce and sole grinds allow golfers to be fit into the best performance for their swing type and course conditions. SM9 wedges have six options.

The F Grind is an all-purpose grind with a traditional full sole, designed to be used primarily on full swings and square face shots.

The S Grind is designed for stability on full shots, best used for square-faced shots with a touch more versatility, based on feedback from Tour pro Steve Stricker.

The M Grind, Bob Vokey's favorite, is made for players who like to rotate the face open and shut for serious versatility around the greens.

The D Grind is the "player's high bounce wedge". It features the same crescent shape of the M with a higher effective bounce for golfers with a steep angle of attack.

The K Grind is the highest bounce grind in the lineup, designed to be the most forgiving for play out of bunkers.

The L Grind has a narrow crescent shape for maximum versatility around the greens, but it's also the least forgiving.

Progressive Center Of Gravity

This concept, pioneered by Titleist and Vokey, aligns the center of gravity with the impact position specific to each loft for precise distance and trajectory control. In the SM9 wedges, the center of gravity is more forward than ever before for more consistent, better-feeling shots.

100% Inspected Spin Milled Grooves

A new cutting process produces consistently sharper grooves on every wedge with micro-grooves between the grooves for maximum spin on partial shots. Every groove on every wedge is inspected at itleist's facility. This guarantees each wedge is made to their strict tolerances. Each wedge is also specially heat treated to provide longer-lasting spin for the life of the club.

Grind Guide
Grind Description Swing Type Turf Condition
L Grind Enhanced heel, toe and trailing edge for maximum versatility Shallow/Sweeper Firm
M Grind Heel, toe and trailing edge grind for versatility around green Shallow/Sweeper | Neutral Firm | Medium
S Grind Trailing edge and heel grind for stability on full shots Neutral | Steep/Digge Medium | Soft
F Grind Traditional full sole with medium to high bounce, an all-purpose grind Shallow/Sweeper | Neutral | Steep/Digger Firm | Medium | Soft
K Grind Wide sole ideal for bunker play, camber enhanced for green-side versatility Neutral | Steep/Digger Medium | Soft
D Grind Crescent shape like the M with higher effective bounce Steep/Digger Medium | Soft

Titleist SM9 Vokey Brushed Steel Wedge Product Specs

Loft Length Lie Grind Bounce Swing Weight
46° 35.75" 64° F Grind 10° D3
48° 35.75" 64° F Grind 10° D3
50° 35.5" 64° F Grind D3
50° 35.5" 64° F Grind 12° D3
52° 35.5" 64° F Grind D3
52° 35.5" 64° F Grind 12° D3
54° 35.25" 64° S Grind 10° D5
54° 35.25" 64° D Grind 12° D5
54° 35.25" 64° F Grind 14° D5
56° 35.25" 64° M Grind D5
56° 35.25" 64° S Grind 10° D5
56° 35.25" 64° D Grind 12° D5
56° 35.25" 64° F Grind 14° D5
58° 35" 64° M Grind D5
58° 35" 64° S Grind 10° D5
58° 35" 64° D Grind 12° D5
58° 35" 64° K Grind 14° D5
60° 35" 64° L Grind D5
60° 35" 64° M Grind D5
60° 35" 64° S Grind 10° D5
60° 35" 64° D Grind 12° D5
60° 35" 64° K Grind 14° D5
62° 35" 64° M Grind D5

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Construction Finish MSRP
Cast Brushed Steel $144.99
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