Tour Edge Exotics C722 Hybrid 2022

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Tour Edge Exotics C722 Hybrid

This ultra-premium ultra-compact player’s hybrid features the revolutionary high-flying and low-spinning RyzerSole Technology while bringing the ultimate in power and forgiveness through Tour Edge’s breakthrough Diamond Face VFT ™ technology.

RyzerSole Technology

The RyzerSole on the C722 Hybrid includes a sole rail and added weight that extends from leading edge to trailing edge. The new RyzerSole produces a super-low and forward CG, high-launching shots with amazingly low spin rates, decreased turf interaction and maximum ball speed off the face.

Adjustable Front Weight

An adjustable 10-gram weight located directly behind the face, sitting in the middle of the wildly effective RyzerSole. The added weight further lowers the CG on this compact clubhead, pulling down spin rates while adding to launch characteristics.

Maraging Steel Face /Diamond Face VFT

Diamond Face VFT Technology – New Diamond Face VFT is made up of diamond shapes of variable face thickness behind the face. There are 41 diamond shapes that function as mini trampolines featured on Diamond Face VFT, comprising of seven different thicknesses in an interweaving pattern.

The face thickness of the new Diamond Face VFT is thinner and extends further out to the heel and toe of the clubhead, dramatically increasing ball speed on off-center hits while also greatly aiding forgiveness on these strikes. The ultra-premium Maraging Steel face provides extra power off the face at impact.

Adjustable Hosel

The adjustable hosel, the first ever in an Exotics hybrid, allows golfers to adjust the loft +/- 1.5 degrees up or down. With four lofts (17°, 19°, 21°, 23°), the 722 delivers a loft range of 15.5 degrees to 24.5 degrees.

Player Preferred Shaping

The ultra-compact profile and deeper face of the C722 Hybrid was designed with the competitive player in mind with its square-toe design. The C722 Hybrid is the most iron-like hybrid on the market, allowing players to put an iron swing with an attack angle that is hitting down on the ball.

SpeedTested Shafts

Every shaft in the Exotics 722 Series has been SpeedTested to find the optimal custom shaft pairing for every flex, determined by robotic testing, and validated by player testing.

Ryzersole Technology

Low CG sole weight and sole rail design produces high-launching, low-spin bombs.

Adjustable front weight

A 10-gram weight directly behind the face creates a low CG with lower spin.

Maraging steel face with diamond face technology

Creates full face forgiveness and amazing ball speed.

Adjustable hosel

Allows loft and lie angle changes to dial in the perfect ball flight.

Player-preferred Shaping

Compact, square-toe design offers maximum versatility.


Tour Edge Exotics C722 Hybrid Product Specs

Loft Loft Setting Adj. Loft Lie Length
17° O 17° 57.5° 40.75"
O- 16.25° 58° 40.75"
-- 15.5° 58.5° 40.75"
U- 16.25° 59.5° 40.75"
UO 17° 60.5° 40.75"
U+ 17.75° 60° 40.75"
++ 18.5° 59° 40.75"
O+ 17.75° 58° 40.75"
19° O 19° 58° 40.25"
O- 18.25° 58.5° 40.25"
-- 17.5° 59° 40.25"
U- 18.25° 60° 40.25"
UO 19° 61° 40.25"
U+ 19.75° 60.5° 40.25"
++ 20.5° 59.5° 40.25"
O+ 19.75° 58.5° 40.25"
21° O 21° 58.5° 39.75"
O- 20.25° 59° 39.75"
-- 19.5° 59.5° 39.75"
U- 20.25° 60.5° 39.75"
UO 21° 61.5° 39.75"
U+ 21.75° 61° 39.75"
++ 22.5° 60° 39.75"
O+ 21.75° 59° 39.75"
23° O 23° 59° 39.5"
O- 22.25° 59.5° 39.5"
-- 21.5° 60° 39.5"
U- 22.25° 61° 39.5"
UO 23° 62° 39.5"
U+ 23.7° 61.5° 39.5"
++ 24.5° 60.5° 39.5"
O+ 23.75° 59.5° 39.5"

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Headcover Wrench Interchangeable Shaft MSRP
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