Tour Edge Exotics C722 Iron Set 2022

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Tour Edge Exotics C722 Iron Set

Who’s It For?

Tour Edge’s new Exotics 722 line offers two outstanding iron models in 2022, the E722 and C722. While they do share two key similar technologies, they are each ultimately designed for different types of players. The C722 model falls into the players-distance category, aimed at providing golfers with explosive distance and reliable forgiveness without sacrificing workability. The C722 model will best fit golfers in the mid-handicap range who may need lower spin with their irons.

The Tech Story

Two key technologies drive the performance in both Tour Edge Exotics 722 irons. Dual VibrCor Technology provides a remarkable feel by dampening vibrations at impact. Meanwhile, Diamond Face VFT (Variable Face Thickness) Technology delivers amazing ball speed and distance through its unique clubface structure that features diamonds acting as mini trampolines. The C722 irons are a hollow body design that features perimeter weighting for forgiveness and a military-grade maraging steel L-Cup clubface for explosive launch and distance.

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Iron Set Product Specs

Club Length Loft Lie Angle
3 39.25" 19° 61°
4 38.75" 21° 61°
5 38.25" 23° 61.5°
6 37.75" 26.5° 62°
7 37.25" 30° 62.5°
8 36.75" 34° 63°
9 36.25" 39° 63.5°
PW 35.75" 44° 64°
AW 35.5" 49° 64°

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Construction Iron Back MSRP
Cast Cavity Back $1,149.99
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