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Voice Caddie SC100 Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor

SKU: RAY0251

Voice Caddie SC100 Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor

SKU: RAY0251
Was $269.99 $269.99
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Product Description


Battery Life Dimensions Touchscreen Weight MSRP
20 Hours 5.89" x 3.20" x 1.08" No 24g $269.99

Voice Caddie SC100 Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor

The Voice Caddie Swing Caddie SC100 Portable Launch Monitor is a standalone portable golf launch monitor designed to help golfers visualize their swings. It provides instant visual feedback and stores stats for each club, without any separate device or smartphone application, and its remote control makes it effortless to use. Swing Caddie is ideal for both practice and play, and it creates a fresh new experience for golfers of all levels.

  • Standalone device (no phone app needed)
  • Features: Carry Distance, Swing Speed, Ball Speed, and Smash Factor
  • Three modes: Practice, Target, and Random
  • Daily and Overall average stats for each club
  • Easy use with remote control
Distance vs. Consistency

Which is more important? Distance is important, but consistency is necessary for control over your shot distance. Practice with Swing Caddie, and you’ll find that you have improved confidence, a better swing, and a much more meaningful (and successful!) score.

Little Changes, Big Results

Practicing the same golf swing over and over again can quickly get boring and static. Swing Caddie shows you the carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, and smash factor for each ball and club, and it has three play modes to make every swing interesting and enjoyable.

Enjoy Practice with Target and Random Modes

Swing Caddie provides instant visual feedback and stores stats for each club in three modes: Practice Mode. Target Mode, and Random Mode. The better your accuracy, the better your score’ Challenge yourself to reach your target distance and score 10/10 every time.

Still Hands-Free

As soon as you’ve chosen your club, you’re ready to play! Swing Caddie’s remote control lets you adjust your settings without having to take a step.


Practice Mode

Practice Mode displays your shot distance, swing speed, ball speed. and smash factor, as well as your time played and total shot count. Select your club, set your Swing Caddie behind your ball, and you are ready to play. Swing Caddie will automatically register your swing and display the information until your next swing.

Target Mode

Target Mode lets you set a target distance to test your consistency. Use the buttons or the remote to increase or decrease your target distance. Once your distance and club are set you are ready to go. One round in Target Mode is 10 shots. After each swing, swing Caddie will display your shot distance, swing speed. ball speed/smash factor, and a score out of 10 to show you how close you were to your goal.

Random Mode

Random Mode sets random target distances to challenge your accuracy. Instead of practicing one distance over and over, let Swing Caddie give you random target distances. Swing Caddie will display your first random distance and wait for your swing. After each shot. Swing Caddie will display your shot distance, swing speed. ball speed/smash factor, and a score out of lo. After a few seconds, ¡t will switch the display to your next random target distance.


Swing Caddie stores your stats for each club. You can review your average distance, speed, and smash factor for the day, as well as your overall stats for the last l00 shots.

Ball Speed and Smash Factor

Swing Caddie uses the club head speed (swing) and the ball speed (ball) to calculate your smash factor. You can choose whether to display ball speed or smash factor, or you can check both with a click of the remote.

Remote Control

Swing Caddie’s remote control ¡s small and light enough to keep in your pocket and allows you to adjust your settings without having to take a step.

Quick Guide

  • Positioning Swing Caddie: 1-1.5 meters (40—60 inches)
  • directly behind the ball.
Practice Mode
  • Displays immediate feedback on the preceding shot.
  • Ball Speed I Smash Factor Selection: Press and hold the + button or press the ball/smash button on the remote control.
Target Mode
  • Before the shot: Displays your target distance.
  • After the shot: Displays your shot (carry) distance.
  • Use the + and — buttons to set your target distance.(range: 40—200meters/yards) (increment: 5 meters/yards)
  • In Target Mode, Swing Caddie scores each shot for accuracy.
  • The pre-shot display shows your total score for the round. (perfect score: 100)
  • The post-shot display shows your score for the preceding shot. (perfect score: 10)
  • Tip: A bonus point (+1) will be awarded for matching the exact target distance!
  • One round in Target Mode is 10 shots.

Voice Caddie SC100 Swing Caddie Portable Launch Monitor PRODUCT SPECS

Dimensions 149.85 mm x 81.4 mm x 27.5 mm (5.89" x 3.20" x 1.08")
Weight 206 g (6.86 oz)
Display 4" LCD
Sensor Doppler Radar Sensor
Frequency K band 24 Ghz
Battery Type Alkaline Battery (AAA x 4 each)
Battery Life Up to 20 hours
Accuracy +/- 3% (ball speed), +/- 5% (carry distance)
Measuring Range 30 - 320 yards
Positioning 1 to 1.5 m (40 to 60") directly behind the ball
Operating Temperature -10° - 50°C (14 - 122°F)

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