Voice Caddie TL1 Tour Laser Rangefinder 2022

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Voice Caddie TL1 Tour Laser Rangefinder

Pin tracer technology delivers consistent and reliable pin and flag targeting without unintentionally obtaining distances to background objects and targets. Press and hold the "Power" button when targeting the pin and flag to activate PIN TRACER technology

  • Pin Tracer™ (Increased lock on area)
  • V-Algorithm™ (Enhanced slope & GPS data)
  • Integrated Magnet
  • Auto Slope Switch (Slope function can be turned on or off)
  • 1000 Yards Range
  • 2-Color OLED
  • 6x Optical Magnification
  • Auto Brightness
  • Product Name: Voice Caddie TL1
  • Size / Weight: Width 1.62" x Depth 2.92" x Length 4.28" / 200.4g (without silicon case)
  • Color: Matte Gray
  • Consists of: Unit, Pouch, Silicon case(yellow), Battery, User manual, Cleaner
  • Main Features: 6x magnification, 2 Color OLED, PIN TRACER™, V-Algorithm™, Slope / Non-Slope
  • Provided Data: Slope compensated distance, Height interval, Actual distance
  • Optical Magnification: 6X
  • Measuring Range: 5 yards to 1,000 yards (1yd = 0.91m)
  • Margin of error: Within 1 yard
  • Screen: OLED
  • Power & Battery: Lithium CR2(3v)
  • Laser safety class: 1M
Phenomenal performance! TL1
Voice Caddie is a Game-Changer among laser rangefinders.

Voice Caddie laser rangefinders are tour-proven rangefinders that can measure in 0.1 seconds and with the world's best accuracy.

Crushing performance, Unsurpassed Accuracy.

After years of research, the Voice Caddie TL1 emerges with record-breaking speed and accuracy, and provides unique qualities that are incomparable to any other laser.

Accurate and consistent recognition rates.

shaky hands, a swaying pin in the wind. Can you accurately target the pin in a single laser shot? The Voice Caddie TL1 will deliver to you a swift and precise distance reading no matter where you are.

Rebuilding the performance

Tour proven accuracy & stability

New developed measuring technique

Pin tracer™ makes it possible for you to have a faster and more accurate distance reading than anyone else.

Magnetic attachment

Magnetic technology allows for easy attachment and detachment from carts and clubs.

Automatic brightness

Using OLED light technology, bright-ness is automatically adjusted according to weather.

2 Color OLED

2 Color OLED uses dual color display to present exceptional brightness and readability.

Curator design

A modern feel with a luxurious matte color and a comfortable grip. Plus a colorful silicon case!

Setting a new standard

For accurate distance measurement with PIN TRACER™

Scan around the pin while holding the measuring button (up to 3 seconds). Automatically traces pin and delivers an accurate reading despite hand or pin movement.

0.1s Spot reading

Only 0.1 second to calculate from beginning to end

Briefly press the measuring button to get distance readings for fairways, bunkers, hazards, etc.

Magnetic attachment

Due to the strong magnet secured in the unit, it can be conveniently attached to metal golf carts and clubheads.

Optimized Automatic Guidance for golfers in any environment.

Using 2 color OLED, LCD brightness is automatically adjusted depending on weather for optimal display.

World's best design award

Along with a rich, matte gray color and luxurious look, personalize your rangefinder with a top-quality silicone case!! improved paint protection reduces external damage.

Achieve perfection

Whether you are calculating slope-compensation distance or linear distance

You can turn slope mode ON / OFF according to your needs.


V-Algorithm™ is advanced technology unlike anything else, using 10 years worth of accumulated data and statistics from PGA, LPA pros, such as average distance and trajectory, in order to deliver extremely accurate distance readings.

Registered Patent 10-1956259

LPGA Official rangefinder

In 2021, Voice Caddie was chosen for the LPGA official rangefinder. The VC rangefinder will be known in golf history as the forefront of LPGA Tour Rangefinders.

Voice Caddie TL1 Tour Laser Rangefinder Product Specs

Width (in) Depth (in) Length (in) Weight (g) Optical Magnification Screen
1.62 2.92 4.28 200.4 6X OLED

Note: this is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.



Unit Dimensions Display Battery Type Connectivity Course Capacity Water Resistance Weight MSRP
1.62" x 2.92" x 4.28" OLED Lithium CR2(3v) N/A 1yd = 0.91m No 200.4g $449.99
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