XXIO Prime Royal Edition 5 Driver 460cc 2023

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XXIO Prime Royal Edition 5 Driver 460cc

State-of-the-art meets work of art with the all-new XXIO Prime Royal Edition.

The Gold Standard of Luxury Performance

Stunning design and unmatched clubhead technologies make The XXIO Prime Royal Edition the gold standard of luxury performance. Exotic materials and extremely ultralightweight construction make it incredibly easy to swing. Enjoy faster speed, enhanced distance, and straighter ball flight when you play XXIO Prime Royal Edition.

Rebound Frame

Rebound Frame is an alternating pattern of stiff and flexible zones within every XXIO Prime Royal Edition club that focuses more of your impact energy into the golf ball. It increases ball speed and distance on every strike. On the Woods, four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones plus a new Super-TIX® 51AF Titanium Flat Cup Face expand the High COR area of each club face, maximizing power, ball speed, and distance.

Super-TIX® 51AF Titanium Face

Each Driver face is made of Super-TIX® 51AF Titanium, an incredibly strong yet lightweight alloy for thinner faces that increase face flex and ball speed on all your shots.

Lightweight Clubhead with High MOI

New XXIO Prime Royal Edition woods boast both a lighter clubhead and increased MOI—a remarkable achievement. A lighter club adds ease and comfort to your swing, while a higher MOI adds extreme forgiveness. The High-MOI clubhead also enlarges the High COR area to produce straighter, more powerful distance, even on off-center shots.


ActivWing makes you more consistent by stabilizing XXIO Prime Royal Edition Woods for better alignment at impact. By manipulating airflow with its airfoil shape—similar to those utilized by aircraft—ActivWing reduces clubhead bounce in the first half of your downswing. Just before impact, the airfoil generates lift, raising your clubhead and tightening your swing pattern for more sweet spot strikes.

Weight Plus

Proprietary Weight Plus Technology places extra weight at the butt end of the shaft to stabilize the club path for faster, more consistent swings. Concentrating more weight toward the grip reduces the amount of force required to lift the clubhead and guide it to an ideal top-of-swing position. The weight then helps create a more powerful downswing and a squarer face at impact.

Draw Bias Bulge Design

This face curvature on all XXIO Prime Royal Edition Woods is open near the toe and slightly closed at the heel, utilizing the gear effect to produce a desirable right-to-left shot shape. Whether you strike the ball high, low, off the toe or heel, the face imparts spin for straighter shots that carry farther.

SP-1200K Shaft

New, premium quality SP-1200K graphite shaft is constructed with high performance carbon fiber and advanced resin matrix. This formula results in extremely thin and lightweight graphite shafts with a cutting-edge combination of strength and flexibility.

XXIO Prime Royal Edition 5 Driver 460cc Product Specs

9.5° 60.0° 187g 460cc 46" D1
10.5° 60° 186g 460cc 46" D1

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ClubHead Volume Club Length Headcover Wrench Interchangeable Shaft MSRP
460cc 46" Yes No No 1,99.99
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