XXIO X Iron Set 2022

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XXIO X Iron Set

This is XXIO

Remarkably lightweight designs, revolutionary swing technologies, and unmatched dedication to moderate swing speed golfers

We’re world leaders in golf equipment designed for players without fast swing speeds. Which is, in truth, most everyone. While other companies dedicate their best resources to a few professionals, we stand apart, engineering remarkable achievements for you, the moderate swing speed player.


Our Woods and Irons are markedly different from equipment you own or have owned. You will sense this the moment you hold one in your hands. The clubs are inexplicably light and swing effortlessly fast.

If you struggle with swing speed, or you’ve noticed a loss of speed as you age, XXIO is the perfect choice for improving your shot distance. Plus, with lighter equipment that’s easy to use, there’s less strain on your body. So you can play more golf, more often, while enjoying a boost to your performance out on the course.


Harnessing Airflow for Better Contact As a golf club accelerates toward the ball, a stream of air passes quickly over its crown and sole. And just as the wings of an airplane harness that flow of air to generate lift, so too does ActivWing on new XXIO Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids.

By manipulating airflow, ActivWing improves aerodynamics at the start of your downswing to stabilize the clubhead and tighten your impact pattern. The subtle forces generated by the airfoil shape won’t slow you down but they’re just strong enough to correct face angle and improve contact. Which, in turn, reduces slice and makes it easy to strike more shots directly on the sweet spot.

More center-face shots means straighter shots, higher shots, and longer shots. You’ll experience improved launch, more distance, and a satisfying impact sensation as you strike the sweet spot more often. And the best part? It all happens without any conscious effort on your part. Simply take your swing and ActivWing does the rest.

At the start of your downswing, ActivWing produces lift which closes face angle and reduces shaft flutter, optimizing impact for maximum distance

At the fastest part of your swing—just before and during impact—ActivWing moves out of position so it no longer affects aerodynamics and, therefore, you won’t lose any speed.

ActivWing Provides
  • 17% Tighter Impact Pattern
  • 23% Reduced Face Angle Variation

Improving Distance with More Face Flex To impart more speed and distance in your long shots, you need a clubhead that effectively transfers the energy of your swing into your golf ball. The all-new XXIO Rebound Frame and Flat Cup Face do just that with remarkable levels of power and efficiency

On the Drivers, Fairway Woods, and Hybrids, Rebound Frame consists of four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones that, when activated at impact, enhance overall COR. Like a spring within a spring, the concentric flex zones transfer impact energy to the golf ball far more efficiently than standard designs. And unique to XXIO, Rebound Frame now features the Flat Cup Face for even more power and distance no matter where you strike the face.


At impact, the Flat Cup Face—made from highly resilient Super-TIX®-51AF Titanium—flexes significantly.


The edges of the Flat Cup Face are welded, increasing rigidity along its exterior which supports and stabilizes face flex.


A thinner section outside the Flat Cup Face allows a portion of the clubhead to flex along with its face. This additional flex, not seen on standard Drivers, further enhances COR for even more ball speed and distance.


In the rear of the clubhead, precisely placed internal titanium ribs increase rigidity and eliminate excess vibration. Ultimately, they conserve impact energy and channel it back to the flex zones for more speed.

On the Irons, Rebound Frame begins with an ultra-thin face that’s extremely fast. Just behind that face, a deep-set groove etched into the Iron’s interior further enhances flex, especially for shots struck low.

XXIO Lightness for Stronger Swings

A skilled player with a strong swing stands to benefit greatly from XXIO’s unique lightweight designs. And so XXIO X stands apart as Woods and Irons that pair ease with your natural speed to enhance distance and accuracy beyond what you thought possible.

Aggressive looks, premium feel, and stouter shafts make XXIO X the irresistible choice for accomplished players seeking to further enhance their game with lightweight, easy-to-swing clubs.

Rebound Frame

On the woods, four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones enhance overall COR, like a spring within a spring. And for the first time, XXIO Drivers feature Rebound Frame with a Cup Face for even more power on strikes across the face. On the Irons, a thinner face allows the entire face to flex more extensively while grooves etched deep into the interior of the Iron body further enhance flex, especially for shots struck low.

Weight Plus Technology

Our proprietary design positions mass under your grip, behind your hands. This helps you find the ideal spot at the top of your swing and makes the downswing more consistent.

Dual Speed Technology

A heavier clubhead and an extremely lightweight shaft work together to increase ball speed and swing speed at the same time, creating a multiplier effect that greatly increases your carry numbers.

Thinner High-Strength Steel Faceplate

The new High-Strength Face Plate is made from specialized steel and allows for a remarkably thin, 2.1mm face.

Optimized Center of Gravity by Loft

Progressive variable face thickness optimizes speed and launch for each Iron loft. Long Irons are designed for carry, with a lower Center of Gravity to provide enhanced ball speed right where you strike the face. Short Irons emphasize control, with a higher Center of Gravity for better high-low MOI.

High-Density Tungsten-Nickel Weight

A high-density tungsten-nickel weight in the toe greatly increases Moment of Inertia for improved stability at impact.

Laser Micro Milling

Fine laser milling applied vertically across the face channels moisture and debris away from impact, stabilizing spin consistency under both wet and dry conditions.

Loft Specific Grooves

Control is key for short Irons. As lofts increase, the grooves are deeper and closer together, enhancing spin for more control and stopping power on approach shots.

V-Shaped Sole

Designed for golfers who swing level or with a downward impact, the V-shaped sole features a slightly larger bounce angle which improves turf interaction on all shots.

Bespoke Shafts

TORAYCA® T1100G carbon fiber with an advanced NANOALLOY® resin matrix results in extremely thin and lightweight graphite shafts with a cutting-edge combination of strength and flexibility. N.S. Pro 950GH Neo DST steel Iron shafts combine the popular Neo shaft template with our own DST design, shifting the Center of Gravity closer to the grip for effortless swing feel.

XXIO X Iron Set Product Specs

Head Loft Lie Angle Bounce Angle Face Progression Club Length ST SW GR SW ST S Club Weight GR S Club Weight Flex
5 23.0° 61.0° 7.0° 2.4mm 38.0” D1 D0 401g 366g S & R
6 26.0° 61.5° 8.0° 2.7mm 37.5” D1 D0 408g 372g S & R
7 29.0° 62.0° 8.0° 3.0mm 37.0” D1 D0 415g 378g S & R
8 33.0° 62.5° 9.0° 3.4mm 36.5” D1 D0 422g 384g S & R
9 38.0° 63.0° 9.0° 3.6mm 36.0” D1 D0 429g 391g S & R
PW 43.0° 63.5° 10.0° 4.1mm 35.5” D1 D0 438g 397g S & R
AW 49.0° 63.5° 11.0° 4.4mm 35.5” D2 D1 440g 399g S & R

Note: this is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

Model Stiff Regular
Miyazaki AX-II Iron 59g (6i) 57g (6i)
Model Wieght Core Size
GR Iron 47g .62"
ST Iron 48g .60"


Construction Iron Back MSRP
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