YONEX EZONE GT Iron Set 2018

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Introducing the newest line-ups from Yonex Golf called The Yonex Ezone GT Iron. The new iron which continues the development of the previous Ezone Iron by adding G-Brid Techonology which offer maximum shot control with consistent spin performance, for increased feel and improved accuracy.

The new range of Ezone GT golf clubs are here to make a statement; Distance & Accuracy in its finest form.

The NEW G-BRID Structure features a Graphite Hybrid Insert behind the club face to dampen any unwanted vibrations and produces a lower & deeper center of gravity. Ezone GT Irons also increasing feel and comfort with it technology, giving you a similar feel to a forged iron.

  • Harder and thinner face for increased Repulsion Power
  • Chromoly stainless head with toughest metal Yonex have used.
  • Thinnest club face. Ezone GT feature's the thinnest in this range at 2.3mm (XPG 2.5mm)
  • Graphite insert built into cavity dampens vibrations for greater feel/comfort.
  • 3D Sole Design reduces sole contact with turf and helps maintain club-head speed through impact.
  • The EX-320 Graphite shaft option is a high tensile shaft, increasing club speed with a faster kick back and higher stability through the ball.
    • Face Construction: SUS431 Stainless Steel Precision Casting + Carbon Graphite Composite
    • Head Construction: Chromium Molybdenum Steel Precision Casting + Carbon Graphite Composite
    • Shaft Construction: Steel: Nippon N.S. PRO 950GH
    • Grip: Original Yonex Rubber Grip

The world's first use of the material Namd dramatically improves the interface adhesion of the graphite fibers and resin, resulting in a high strength and lightweight shaft. With increased flex and an unprecedented snapback, it produces a high initial ball velocity for maximum distances.

Nam is a technology developed by Nitta Co. to uniformly disperse carbon nanotubes onto graphite fibers on a nano level.

YONEX EZONE GT Iron Set Product Specs

Club Flex Loft Lie FP Length Swing Weight
#4 S/R/SL 20° 61° 2.5mm 39.5" D1
#5 S/R/SL 22° 61.5° 2.5mm 38.75" D1
#6 S/R/SL 25° 62° 2.5mm 38" D1
#7 S/R/SL 28° 62.5° 2.5mm 37.5" D1
#8 S/R/SL 32° 63° 3mm 37" D1
#9 S/R/SL 37° 63.5° 3.5mm 36.5" D1
#PW S/R/SL 42° 64° 3.5mm 36" D1
#AW S/R/SL 48° 64° 4.5mm 35.75" D2
#SW S/R/SL 54° 64° 5mm 35.5" D3

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Construction Iron Back MSRP
Cast Cavity Back $694.99
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