Fourteen CF-218 Fairway Wood 2019 Women

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Fourteen CF-218 Fairway Wood Women

This fairway wood makes that second shot, when you want to get as close to the green as possible, easy to hit and feel great. The super shallow face, in which the face height has been kept low, combined with a special-purpose sole design result in a fairway wood that’s easier to use in actual play.

Super shallow Face

Super shallow face! The super shallow face, combined with a special-purpose sole design result in a fairway wood that's easy to hit from any lie.

Super Shallow Fave Design

A low CG has been implemented thanks to a super shallow face and larger footprint. This launches the ball high, allowing for just the right amount of spin and an ideal trajectory.

Special Sole Shape

With #3 and #X, the sole contact point is closer to the face, which helps the ball get airborne from the deck. With #5, #7 and #9, the sole's contact point is brought further to the rear, making it possible to hit more stable shots. This sole feature, taken from our wedge-designing experience and is implemented in these fairway woods

The distance of a 3-wood with the ease of a 5-wood: #X

In recent years, there has been a shift toward producing less spin, to meet the progress made in ball technology. These days golfers are choosing combinations that are more efficient. #X can achieve the distance of a 3-wood, but is easy to hit, like a 5-wood, This gives the player more opportunity to set up their bags to optimize scoring.

Variation by Club Numbed

For fairway woods, the performance desired is different for each club number, longer clubs for more carry, and shorter clubs for more accuracy. #3 and #X have a cupped face that gives the ball more carry and a solid feel on impact, while #5, #7 and #9 use face welding to increase trajectory control.

Club Height Distance Depth Moment of inertia
#3 21 mm 36.5 mm 31 mm 2998 g / cm2
#5 21.5 mm 35.8 mm 30.1 mm 2753 g / cm2
#7 22.2 mm 35.6 mm 29.4 mm 2577 g / cm2
#9 23 mm 35.3 mm 29.1 mm 2421 g / cm2
#X 21.2 mm 36.2 mm 30.4 mm 2793 g / cm2

Fourteen CF-218 Fairway Wood Women Product Specs

Model Loft Lie Volume Lenght (inches) Club weight(balance)
#3 15° 56.5° 182 cm3 43.25 318 g (D0) 314 g (C9.5) 309 g (C9) 297 g (C9)
#5 19° 57° 163 cm3 42.5 324 g (D0.5 320 g (D0) 315 g (C9.5) 303 g (C9)
#7 22° 57.5° 152 cm3 41.75 330 g *(D0.5) 326 g (D0) 321 g (C9.5) 309 g (C9)
#9 25° 58° 140 cm3 41 336 g *(D0.5) 332 g (D0) 327 g (C9.5) 315 g (C9)
#X 17° 56.5° 170 cm3 42.75 321 g *(D0) 317 g (C9.5) 312 g (C9) 300 g (C8.5)

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

Specialized Fairway Wood Shaft

Shaft weight has been reduced to increase swing speed, and real world tests were repeated in order to achieve both high performance and a comfortable feel

FT-15f Shaft weight Torque
S 58 g 4.3
SR 53 g 5.6
R 48 g 5.9
L 43 g 6.5

Shaft weight has a new design that is specially tailored for to fairway woods, creating a perfect blacnd of stability and effortless launch. This option is better for the slightly stronger golfer.

FT-16f Shaft weight Torque
S 65 g 3.8
SR 60 g 4.0
R 55 g 4.9


Headcover Wrench Interchangeable Shaft MSRP
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