PING Putter 2021

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PING Putter

Consistency and predictability in both feel and performance ensure these eye-catching 2021 putters improve results on the greens. They achieve new levels of forgiveness relying on multi-material construction and a soft, responsive new dual-durometer insert across 11 blades, mid-mallets and mallets.

Shallow, Uniform Grooves

Shallower grooves that are uniform depth across the face combine with the dual-durometer insert to provide a soft feel and consistent roll.

Dual-Durometer Insert

The front layer of Pebax is softer for precision on shorter putts and the back layer is firmer to ensure distance control.

Multi-Material Construction

Different materials of varying densities (17-4 SS, tungsten, aluminum) increase MOI and optimize the CG for more forgiveness and are applied to multiple head geometries with a variety of alignment options.

Grip Options

Beyond fitting comfortably and naturally into your hands, three 2021 putter grips help you set up with better awareness of the putter face and they promote proper wrist rotation to help build a consistent stroke.

Fetch Ball-Pickup Feature

The cutout in the 2021 Fetch isn’t visible at address, and it isn’t a novelty but effective at fetching the ball without bending, and the weight saved is distributed to the perimeter for stability and forgiveness.

New Harwood Model

Multi-material engineering provides a high MOI owing to tungsten weighting at each corner while creating a distinctive mallet design offering parallel and perpendicular alignment cues that make aiming easy.


PING Putter Product Specs

Putter Putter Type Standard Lenght Head Weight Stroke Type Lie Angle Loft
Anser Blade 35" 350g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°
Anser 2 Blade 35" 350g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°
Anser 4 Blade 35" 350g Strong Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°
CA 70 Mid Mallet 35" 360g Strong Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°
DS 72 Mid Mallet 35" 360g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°
Fetch Mallet 35" 365g Straight 20° ±2° 3° +3°/-2°
Harwood Mallet 35" 385g Slight Arc, Straight 20° ±2° 3° +3°/-2°
Harwood (Armlock) Mallet 41.5" 385g Slight Arc, Straight 20° ±2°
Kushin 4 Mid Mallet 35" 360g Strong Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°
Olso H Mallet 35" 365g Slight Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°
Tyne 4 Mallet 35" 365g Strong Arc 20° ±4° 3° +3°/-2°
Tyne C Mallet 35" 365g Straight 20° ±4° 3° ±1°

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

PP58 Midsize - Grip

Standard-sized pistol shape is designed to make it easier to square the face at impact.

PP58 S - Grip

Straight-taper, midsized pistol with larger flat surfaces for increased face awareness.

PP60 - Grip

Midsize pistol-shaped design with a rubber under-listing has larger flat surfaces for increased face awareness.


This sleek 21" grip has a longer profile to provide multiple hand-placement options. The comfortable, tacky Excel polymer uses multiple tread patterns for accentuating feel.



Headcover Weight Kit Grip MSRP
Yes No PP58 Midsize
PP58 S
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