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Wilson Staff Model RB Custom Utility Irons

Embrace the Strength of Soft

The new Staff Model RB Utility features a high strength C300 steel face yielding a forged feel to help you redefine your long game performance. This club helps players fill the gap between their shortest fairway wood and their longest iron. The versatility it provides around the golf course makes it a perfect solution for long par threes, reachable-in-two par fives and even fairway-finding stingers.

Hollow Body Construction

The multi-material engineered hollow body construction optimizes weight distribution, ball speed, shot shaping capabilities and aerodynamic efficiency.

High Strength 300 Steel Face

This cutting-edge material combines exceptional strength with remarkable flexibility, resulting in explosive ball speeds with a softer feel, contributing to enhanced distance and accuracy.

Rib Internal Support

Perfectly placed rib structures provide higher stability on mishits while producing optimized sound.

Tour Specification Inspired

Drawing inspiration from tour-level players, the Staff Model Utility boasts a sleek, thinner topline that exudes confidence at address.

Wilson Staff Model RB Custom Utility Iron Product Specs

Loft Lie 0ffset (mm) Length Swing Weight Hand
18° 59.0° 0.120 39.5" D2 RH
21° 59.5° 0.110 39.0" D2 RH
24° 60.0° 0.100 38.5" D2 RH

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

Shaft Specs


Grip Specs

Golf Pride Z - Grip

Wilson Staff Model RB Custom Utility Iron Shafts


Aerotech SteelFiber i80  gives a player all of the benefits of a 100% golf graphite shaft but with unprecedented control and consistency for a shaft in this weight category.


Aerotech SteelFiber i95 is the perfect transition into a lighter weight shaft which allows a player to see some good improvement in distance and vibration reduction while maintaining pinpoint accuracy and incredibly consistent distance control.


Aerotech SteelFiber i110 a nice option for the player looking for the smooth and consistent feel of graphite with a ball flight similar to a steel shaft.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Aerotech SteelFiber i80 R, S 85, 85 2.9, 2.8 Mid, Mid
Aerotech SteelFiber i95 R, S 95, 95 2.5, 2.4 Mid, High-Mid
Aerotech SteelFiber i110 S, X 110, 110 1.9, 1.9 High-Mid,High-Mid
Graphite Design

GD Tour AD DI HY features premium, aerospace quality carbon-fiber materials and incorporates the proprietary Graphite Design Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) philosophy and technology

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
GD Tour AD DI 85 HY S, X 88, 88 2.4, 2.4 Mid, Mid
GD Tour AD DI 95 HY S, X 98, 99 2.4, 2.4 Mid, Mid

KBS C-Taper produces a lower flight and spin rate while maintaining the benefits of a piercing trajectory and smooth feel. Incorporating signature KBS technology, the C-TAPER shaft maximizes energy transfer to improve distance and ball control


KBS MAX designed for a wide range of players seeking to MAXimize the performance of their iron shafts with trajectory, spin, and distance in a consistent, lighter weight package, making it easier for you to produce performance on every shot.


KBS MAX Ultralite a lightweight shaft for mid-high handicap players. It produces a high trajectory and spin rate for longer distance shots.


KBS TGI designed for players looking for maximum steel like play-ability, shot control and performance in a graphite shaft, developed from optimized weight and stiffness.


KBS Tour is Kim Braly’s signature shaft and is ideal for players desiring shot versatility and mid trajectory. Incorporating unique KBS technology, the KBS TOUR maximizes energy transfer for increased shot control.


KBS Tour-V is a lightweight product that features larger outer diameters, resulting in a stable tip section and tight shot dispersion. For players that prefer a lighter weight shaft and less ball spin, the KBS TOUR-V is the ideal shaft option.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
KBS C-Taper R, S, X 110, 120, 130 - -
KBS MAX 55 A 55 - -
KBS MAX 65 R 65 - -
KBS MAX Ultralite R, S 102, 102 - -
KBS TGI R, R+, S, S+, X, X+ 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 - -
KBS Tour R, S 110, 120 2.1, 1.9 Mid/High, Mid/High
KBS Tour-V R, S, X 100, 110, 120 2.1, 2.0, 1.9 Mid, Mid, Mid

NIPPON Modus3 105 The Nippon N.S. Pro MODUS3 shaft series provides tour proven performance with a lighter weight range for increased club head speed and longer distances.


NIPPON Modus3 120 The tip section is stiffer for a stable trajectory. The mid and butt sections feature lower rigidity for improved control, swing tempo, and improved feel.


NIPPON Pro Zelos 7 light weight and strength have been mutually exclusive. Reducing the weight of steel has lowered its strength, increased the likelihood of breakage and reduced the pliability required to make dynamic shots.


NIPPON Pro Zelos 8 employs newly developed, cutting-edge, high-intensity NZNS60 material that outperforms all other patented materials used in N.S PRO competitors’ steel shafts.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
NIPPON Modus3 105 R, S, X 103, 106.5, 112 1.9, 1.7, 1.6 Grip, Grip, Grip
NIPPON Modus3 120 S, X 114, 120 1.7, 1.6 Mid/High, Mid/High
NIPPON Pro Zelos 7 R, S 74, 77 2.8, 2.6 Tip, Tip
NIPPON Pro Zelos 8 R, S 84, 87.5 2.3, 2.2 Tip, Tip
Project X

Project X EVENFLOW DP 40 


Project X HZRDUS GEN 4 Black delivers insane distance for the stronger and more aggressive golfer, without sacrificing control. The shaft features increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft, which allows golfers to put more power behind the ball.


Project X HZRDUS SMOKE RD RDX provides more launch and spin than any other HZRDUS RDX shaft. It is ideal for a wide range of mid trajectory players.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Project X HZRDUS GEN 4 Black 80 S, X 79, 81 2.1, 2.1 -
Project X HZRDUS GEN 4 Black 90 S, X 90, 92 2.3, 2.1 -
Project X HZRDUS SMOKE RD RDX 70 5.5, 6.0 70 2.8 -
Project X HZRDUS SMOKE RD RDX 80 6.0 80 2.4 -
True Temper

TT Dynamic Gold The Dynamic Gold Family is the Gold Standard by which all other irons shafts are measured. Dynamic Gold uses Variable Wall Technology and a tour-proven step pattern to provide exceptional performance for serious golfers.


TT Dynamic Gold 120 a lighter weight steel shaft. Stronger players will experience a similar profile and launch as Dynamic Gold in a shaft that is easier to swing.


TT Dynamic Gold MID 115 designed to complement modern day equipment by utilizing a unique shaft geometry to create a stiffer mid-section with an active tip section to promote an increase in launch and spin.


TT Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts provide the same power, control and the trademark penetrating ball flight associated with the entire series of Dynamic Gold irons shafts. The Tour Issue steel shafts have a Tour Only weight tolerance for custom precision fitting.


TT Project X Project X irons shafts deliver penetrating trajectory and ball flight and strike the perfect balance of unrivaled distance, stability and control for golf’s most serious players.


TT Project X LZ features proprietary Loading Zone Technology which produces maximum shaft load during the downswing for 7% greater energy transfer to the ball at impact for more distance.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
TT Dynamic Gold R300, S300, X100 127, 130, 130 Low, Low, Low High, High, High
TT Dynamic Gold 120 R300, S300, X100 116, 118, 120 1.8-2.1, 1.7-2.0, 1.6-1.9 -
TT Dynamic Gold MID 115 R300, S300, X100 114, 115, 116 - -
TT Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400, X100 132, 130 1.5-1.9, 1.5-1.9 -
TT PROJECT X CATALYST BLACK 80 5.5, 6.0 85, 85 3.5, 3.5 -
TT Project X 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 115, 115, 120 - -
TT Project X LZ 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 115, 120, 125 1.7-2.0, 1.6-1.9, 1.5-1.8 -

UST RECOIL DART designed after years of research, testing and development to precisely optimize shaft hoop stiffness in the critical areas of the golf shaft. To achieve maximum distance, optimum hoop stiffness is designed into the energy transfer section of the shaft.


UST MAMIYA Recoil are a game changer. In the past, heavy weight graphite iron shafts felt dead and stiff. With UST Mamiya’s exclusive Recoil™ technology, we have brought feel back into the shaft, while allowing players to hit a wide range of shots that result in better distance control and pin seeking accuracy.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
UST RECOIL DART 65 A, R, S 61, 64, 68 5.2, 5.2, 4.9 -
UST RECOIL DART 75 A, R, S 70, 72, 78 3.9, 3.9, 3.9 -
UST MAMIYA Recoil 95 R, S 90-96, 90-96 4.1-2.7, 4.1-2.7 -
UST MAMIYA Recoil 110 S, X 105-11, 107-111 3.8-2.6, 3.6-2.6 -

Wilson Staff Model RB Custom Utility Iron Grips

Golf Pride
Model Image
Golf Pride CP2 Pro
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap
Golf Pride CPX
Golf Pride Mcc Plus4 Align
Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grey
Golf Pride MCC Red
Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Black
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G White
Golf Pride Z-Grip Full Cord
Model Image
Lamkin Crossline 360 UND.
Lamkin Crossline White Full Cord
Lamkin Crossline White
Lamkin Sonar Plus
Lamkin Crossline 360 Genesis FC
Lamkin Sonar Blackout Plus
Model Image
Wilson Midsize
W/S Women s Grip 2019
Model Image
Winn Dri-Tac Dark Grey
Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Dark Grey


Construction Iron Back MSRP
Forged Muscle Back $249.99
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