YONEX Royal EZONE Hybrid Fairway Wood 2018 Women

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YONEX Royal EZONE Hybrid Fairway Wood Women

Royal EZONE hybrid fairway woods provide female golfers with increased repulsion while boasting the accuracy of irons.

Every club in the Royal EZONE series has been manufactured to exacting standards to help golfers with slow swing speeds to put distance back into their game. Featuring an evolved Dual Tungsten Power (DTP) System that provides an ideal power-producing weight balance, Royal EZONE clubs allow golfers to harness the ultimate in forgiveness for exceptional power.

Every club in the Royal EZONE series is packed with innovation.

Product Technology
Evolved DTP System

An 8 g Tungsten Screw in the head and 15 g of Tungsten Powder in the grip provide an ideal power-producing weight balance. Enhancing this weight balance is a new NANOMETRIC DR reinforced Yonex graphite shaft, allowing for improved stiffness, reduced weight and better snapback. The result is a super-forgiving swing despite the 47-inch shaft length, allowing golfers to confidently achieve increased distance.

Super-Light Shaft

The Royal EZONE features a specialized shaft based on the technology behind our REXIS XELA - the lightest shaft in the world. Golfers are afforded a greater degree of forgiveness in their swings with this super-light shaft.

YONEX Women Royal EZONE Hybrid Fairway Wood PRODUCT SPECS

  Flex Loft (°) Lie (°) Head Weight Length (") Shaft Weight Swing Weight
3 R 15 58.5 213g 43.25 37g C5
3 L 15 58.5 213g 42 35g C3
4 R 18 59 226g 40.75 36g C5
4 L 18 59 226g 40.5 34g C3
5 R 21 59.5 238g 39.25 37g C5
5 L 21 59.5 238g 39 37g C3
6 R 24 60 254g 37.75 36g C5
6 L 24 60 254g 37.5 34g C3

Note: This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

XELA for Royal Ladies Nanometric Graphite - Shaft

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Standard - Grip



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