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Miura MB 101 Custom Irons

The MB-101 incorporates the best characteristics of early Miura designs and models. The subtle refinements to the sole allow the club to travel effortlessly through the turf. The sole width and face thickness have been optimized (from our MB-001) allowing for heightened feel and feedback.

Miura MB 101 Custom Iron Product Specs

  Loft° Face Progression Lie° Weight°
3 21 4.0 60.5 245
4 24 4.5 61 251
5 27 4.8 61.5 258
6 30 4.8 62 265
7 34 5.0 62.5 272
8 38 5.0 63 280
9 42 5.0 63.5 288
PW 47 5.0 64 298

Note:This is for your reference only and does not denote the content of the product.

Miura MB 101 Custom Iron Shafts


Aerotech SteelFiber i70 The lightest SteelFiber shaft in our lineup is a great shaft for those slower swing speed players looking to raise ball flight and gain as much yardage as possible. This iron golf shaft is offered in a wide range of flexes and can hold up to even the most demanding swings.


Aerotech SteelFiber i80 gives a player all of the benefits of a 100% golf graphite shaft but with unprecedented control and consistency for a shaft in this weight category.


Aerotech SteelFiber i95 the perfect transition into a lighter weight shaft which allows a player to see some good improvement in distance and vibration reduction while maintaining pinpoint accuracy and incredibly consistent distance control.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Aerotech SteelFiber i70 R, A 74, 74 3.3, 3.5 -
Aerotech SteelFiber i80 R, A, S 85, 85, 85 2.9, 3.0, 2.8 -
Aerotech SteelFiber i95 R, S 85, 85 2.9, 2.8 -

ACCRA Constant Weight 105 The iCWT 75 and iCWT 85 offers golfers a smooth feeling option while the iCWT 95 and iCWT 105 incorporates ACCRA’s proprietary Ti-Mesh technology in the tip section for added stability.


ACCRA Constant Weight 85 iron shaft offers all of the performance benefits of the classic iSeries shafts all in a constant weight design. The twist that ACCRA incorporates in the iCWT is that the 4 weight options can be “dialed in” to virtually any flex.


ACCRA Constant Weight 95 shafts allow only small adjustments in flex by “stepping” each shaft, but this can change the performance. ACCRA has designed these shafts to enable professional club fitter the ability to move each weight up to 2 flexes.


ACCRA iSeries 40 features the same high modulus composite materials to ensure a smooth feel and enhanced performance. We have engineered a shaft that offers unsurpassed stability for tight dispersion without sacrificing feel.


ACCRA iSeries 50 proprietary constant taper design adds to the overall stability while maximizing energy transfer. The tip technology enables ACCRA fitters to mix weights and kick points to create “flighted” sets. Whether you are an accomplished golfer or a weekend warrior, the ACCRA iSeries can be customized to help you reach your potential.


ACCRA iSeries 60 iron shafts feature many aspects of previous ACCRA iSeries shafts, but most importantly, ACCRA engineers have added a added weight as a fitting variable. Once a weight is selected, each weight can be adjusted to, up to, five different flexes.


ACCRA iSeries 70 iSeries features the same high modulus composite materials to ensure a smooth feel and enhanced performance. We have engineered a shaft that offers unsurpassed stability for tight dispersion without sacrificing feel.


ACCRA iSeries 80 iSeries tip technology enables ACCRA fitters to mix weights and kick points. Whether you are an accomplished golfer or a weekend warrior, the ACCRA iSeries can be customized to help you reach your potential.


ACCRA iSeries Tour 100 has taken the popular iSeries line of iron shafts and redesigned them to benefit the specific requirements of a stronger “Tour” type. Golfers that require a heavier, more stable iron shaft yet want to benefit from the array of flex options that ACCRA pioneered in the iSeries line will love the iSeries Tour shafts.


ACCRA iSeries Tour 110 shaft that offers unsurpassed stability for tight dispersion without sacrificing feel. The iSeries Tour proprietary constant taper design adds to the overall stability while maximizing energy transfer.


ACCRA iSeries Tour 90 This combination of Titanium and graphite makes the ACCRA iSeries Tour line of shafts is simply the best option for any golfer looking to transition into graphite yet maintain the stability of steel.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
ACCRA Constant Weight 105 Stiff 105 2.2 -
ACCRA Constant Weight 85 Regular 84 3.5 -
ACCRA Constant Weight 95 Stiff 95 2.5 -
ACCRA iSeries 40 Senior 45 5.0 -
ACCRA iSeries 50 Senior 58 4.5 -
ACCRA iSeries 60 Regular 60 4.0 -
ACCRA iSeries 70 Regular 70 3.5 -
ACCRA iSeries 80 Stiff 80 3.0 -
ACCRA iSeries Tour 100 X-Stiff 100 3.0 -
ACCRA iSeries Tour 110 X 110 3 -
ACCRA iSeries Tour 90 Stiff 90 3.0 -

Fujikura Vista Pro 40i The redesigned Vista PRO Iron shafts benefit from Tour proven Fujikura technologies CAGE and Maximum Fiber Content. Cage is an innovative design process that surrounds graphite shaft fibers in the outer walls with a rigid “cage” structure.


Fujikura Vista Pro 50i This creates thinner, lighter walls that have the same feel and control of a heavier shaft. Maximum Fiber Content Provides greater stiffness and strength compared to a standard/conventional material at a similar weight. This allows for increased stability, distance, and feel.


Fujikura Vista Pro 60i Materials containing an extremely high fiber content are difficult to make, and only the best, high-precision material suppliers can accomplish it and they make it especially for Fujikura Golf.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Fujikura Vista Pro 40i Senior 51 4.1 -
Fujikura Vista Pro 50i Senior 61 3.7 -
Fujikura Vista Pro 60i Regular 70 3.4 -

KBS C-Taper designed for players requiring a low piercing trajectory and superior shot control and maximizes energy transfer, for a crisp feel, while optimizing shaft diameters in the taper and tip areas for low trajectory and spin control.


KBS C-Taper Lite performance benefits in a lighter weight design. The firm tip and soft butt produce a mid-high trajectory and controlled spin.


KBS TGI - 50I designed for players looking for maximum steel like play-ability, shot control and performance in a graphite shaft, developed from optimized weight and stiffness.


KBS TGI - 60I 


KBS TGI - 70I The KBS Tour Graphite Iron is the first Graphite Shaft to play like KBS Steel with optimized weight and stiffness per player to gain maximum play-ability & performance.


KBS TGI - 80I 


KBS TGI - 90I It is designed with the same E.I. curve as our KBS Tour Steel and is in every weight class to fit every player from Juniors to Women, to Tour Professionals.


KBS TGI - 95I 


KBS TGI - 100I Decreased total weight vs. steel for more distance


KBS TGI - 110I 


KBS $-Taper Engineered to provide superior feel while maintaining shot workability for players seeking a mid-launch and low to mid spin shaft.Shares the same bend profile as the KBS Tour shafts only with elongated step patterns to control spin, generating stable performance throughout the swing.


KBS $-Taper Black Black PVD finish featuring a 360 degree cured decal for lasting durability.


KBS Tour the KBS TOUR maximizes energy transfer for increased shot control. The KBS TOUR offers a smooth, responsive feel and is the preferred model by several of the best golfers in the world.


KBS Tour V a lightweight product that features larger outer diameters, resulting in a stable tip section and tight shot dispersion. For players that prefer a lighter weight shaft and less ball spin, the KBS TOUR-V is the ideal shaft option.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
KBS C-Taper R, S, X 110, 120, 130 - -
KBS C-Taper Lite R, S, X 105, 110, 115 - -
KBS TGI 50i, 60i, 70i, 80i, 90i, 95i, 100i, 110i 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 95, 100, 110 - -
KBS $-Taper R, R+, S, S+, X 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 - -
KBS $-Taper Black R, R+, S, S+, X 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 - -
KBS Tour R, R+, S, S+, X 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 - -
KBS Tour V R, S, X 100, 110, 120 - -

Mitsubishi Chemical OTI 105 Radial consistency is off the charts, average 99.9% with a 0.1% standard deviation. I never thought I would see those kind of numbers. Shaft manufacturing technology is improving and new standards are being written. You can absolutely disregard shaft alignment with the Mitsubishi OT iron shaft.


Mitsubishi Chemical OTI 75 shaft doesn’t use traditional prepreg sheet, but instead uses a new material for the golf shaft industry called Tow Prepreg. Tow Prepreg uses carbon fibers that are arranged in super-strong “bundles” (the way a steel cable is made). These bundles are impregnated with resin to create the Tow Prepreg, and then woven together like a braid.


Mitsubishi Chemical OTI 85 The “braiding” technology using Tow Prepreg is incredibly resistant to twisting and ovaling and creates a shaft with no spine, so the shaft performs more consistently than a shaft made with traditional sheet prepreg.


Mitsubishi Chemical OTI 95 It is not often that we get to see truly new technology in the golf shaft business. The Mistubishi OTi series is something in my experience is truly new.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Mitsubishi Chemical OTI 105 Stiff, X-Stiff 104, 110 2.8, 2.7 Mid, Mid
Mitsubishi Chemical OTI 75 R, S 76, 81 3.3, 3.3 Mid, Mid
Mitsubishi Chemical OTI 85 R, S 86, 93 3.0, 3.0 Mid, Mid
Mitsubishi Chemical OTI 95 Regular, Stiff 39.5, 39.5 3.0, 3.0 Mid, Mid

Nippon Modus Tour 105 This magical marriage of “soft” and “hard” in the same shaft provides a combination of distance and accuracy that millions of golfers around the globe – including more than 100 touring professionals – have found difficult to resist.


Nippon Modus Tour 120 Desired trajectory as a result of the unique structure of a stiff tip section and softer mid section. Accurate distances due to the unique raw steel material and accompanying heat treatment.Tight dispersion coming from the exacting tolerances of the highest quality level.


Nippon Modus Tour 130 is a mid/heavy steel shaft with a stiffer tip and softer mid section to control trajectory and provide tight dispersion. This shaft is ideal for the stronger player looking for a mid/low launch and spin shaft.


Nippon NS PRO 850 enjoys rapidly growing popularity as an “attacking” shaft. These ultra-lightweight models feature easy contact thanks to their light weight and consistent directionality. What’s more, the full swings you enjoy as a result help provide the trajectory you want with crisp contact.


Nippon NS PRO 950 is distinguished by it’s easy-to-control trajectory. This enables precise head control, fully flexible yet with a sharp swing. Besides better accuracy, you’ll hit the ball confidently with a precise trajectory and without unintentional rolling.


Nippon Zeloz 7 light weight and strength have been mutually exclusive. Reducing the weight of steel has lowered its strength, increased the likelihood of breakage and reduced the pliability required to make dynamic shots.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Nippon Modus Tour 105 Regular, Stiff 103, 107 Low, Low Mid, Mid
Nippon Modus Tour 120 Stiff, X-Stiff 114, 120 Low, Low Mid/High, Mid/High
Nippon Modus Tour 130 Stiff, X-Stiff 124, 129 1.7-1.2, 1.6-1.2 Mid, Mid
Nippon NS PRO 850 Regular, Stiff 87, 91 2.1, 1.9 Mid, Mid
Nippon NS PRO 950 Regular, Stiff 94.5, 98 2.0, 1.9 Mid, Mid
Nippon Zeloz 7 R, S 74, 77.5 - -

Oban Steel 115 CT  is a taper tip shaft with a constant weight of around 115-117 grams from 36″ to 41.5″. The absolute best thing about this shaft from a club builders perspective is that it is available in 12 different discrete lengths.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Oban Steel 115 CT Regular, Stiff 88-98 - -
Project X

Project X steel iron shaft features an exaggerated change in kickpoint within the set to allow for easy manipulation of ball flight.


Project X Rifle Blank Rifle offers unlimited customization options for clubmakers to fine tune the spin and launch of Rifle blanks to the exact DNA of a golfer’s game. Rifle perfectly blends tip responsiveness and tip stability for enhanced control.


Project X LZ features proprietary Loading Zone Technology for improved energy transfer and a smooth feel. The reinforced tip and butt sections act to maintain the tour proven stability you expect from Project X with a mid-trajectory launch profile.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
Project X R, R+, S, S+, X 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 - -
Project X Rifle Blank S, X 141, 146 - -
Project X LZ Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff 115, 120, 125 2.0-1.7, 2.0-1.7, 2.0-1.7 -
True Temper

TT Dynamic Gold Dynamic Gold is the Gold Standard by which all other iron shafts are measured. It is the most successful shaft in the history of golf and still continues to dominate on professional tours each and every year.


TT DG Tour Issue shafts provide the same power, control and the trademark penetrating ball flight associated with the entire series of Dynamic Gold irons shafts.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
TT Dynamic Gold S400, X100, R300, S300 134, 130, 127, 130 - -
TT DG Tour Issue S400, X100 132, 130 1.6-1.5, 1.6-1.5 -

UST Recoil Proto 95 we have brought feel back into the shaft, while allowing players to hit a wide range of shots that result in better distance control and pin seeking accuracy.


UST Recoil Proto 110 constant weight designs, with balance points adjusted so there will be no drop off in swing weight when re-shafting your steel shafted irons.

Model Flex Weight (g) Torque Kick Point
UST Recoil Proto 95 R, S 90-95, 90-95 2.4, 2.4 -
UST Recoil Proto 110 S, X 107-110, 107-110 2.3, 2.3 -

Miura MB 101 Custom Iron Grips

Golf Pride
Model Image
Golf Pride CP2 Pro
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap
Golf Pride MCC Align
Golf Pride MCC Black/Black
Golf Pride MCC Black/Blue
Golf Pride MCC Black/Red
Golf Pride MCC Black/White
Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align-Grey
Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Blue
Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grey
Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
Golf Pride Tour Velvet 60r
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord
Golf Pride Tour Wrap Black
Golf Pride Tour Wrap White
Golf Pride Z Grip Cord
Model Image
Iomic Sticky 1.8
Iomic Sticky 2.3
Model Image
Lamkin Crossline
Lamkin Sonar+
Miura Golf
Model Image
Miura Golf - Lamkin UTX
Miura Golf - No 1 50 Series - Black
Miura Golf - No 1 50 Series - White
Model Image
Pure Pro Standard Black
Model Image
Winn Dri Tac


Construction Iron Back MSRP
Forged Cavity Back $280.00
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